May 2019

    04.30.19 | by Faith Jackson

    As a child, Memorial Day meant camping, fishing, tubing down a river and roasting marshmallows over a campfire. I was really not aware of the gravity of the "holiday". It was just the kick off to summer fun.

    Growing older, I learned more about the significance of Memorial Day. It's not just about red, white and blue Jell-O molds and small town parades. It's certainly not about a three-day weekend. Memorial Day is about honoring those who gave their lives protecting our freedoms.

    It's sad to think that most people this weekend will think more about swimming, making s'mores and setting up the tent than they will about the people who died while serving in our military.

    Even if you are a pacifist, it is important to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country. God has blessed America with many heroes who have bravely fought and selflessly served.

    My children are excited about the upcoming three-day weekend, but I want to make sure they understand what we are honoring. The discussion with young children doesn't have to get into death and war. My family will simply talk about the brave men and woman fighting for us.

    I have a few crafts planned to help them value Memorial Day. I want them to see how vital these men and woman are, but not to feel depressed by the events that have taken place in our history.

    The first project is to make cards for soldiers who are currently serving in the military. I want my children to be thankful for our brave soldiers. To show their gratitude in this way will help them to understand how much of a gift this is for all of us.

    Then, we are going to make cupcakes and cookies for our local veterans. Though it's not Veterans Day, it is still important to honor those who fought in wars past and are still with us. You see them handing out poppies and collecting money in front of stores this time of year. It is easy to find them around Memorial Day. There is also a local veterans' home here where I live.

    The third craft I have planned is something we do almost every holiday, making a homemade wreath. I love wreaths for the simple fact that you can be so creative with the decorations on them. I am going to have my children make flags out of paper and other drawings and pin them to the wreath.

    The meaning of holidays gets lost these days; it's more about the celebration than the reasons behind us having a day off or an excuse for a barbeque.

    Do you have any special things planned for this Memorial Day?

     Erin James - Mommy and Joyful Three Blogger, CBN.COM


    We need Sunday School teachers and substitute teachers.  Please speak with Yulonda Boutte if you are interested.


    Kids for Christ Sunday School meets every Sunday at 10:45 to 11:45. Our children are brought closer to God and learn of His love.


    The Board of Education meets the first Monday of each month at 4:00PM (time subject to change).


    Our congregation has 7 youths that are interested in attending the Youth Gathering Convention in Minneapolis, MN July 11-15, 2019.  We will be planning several fund raisers so that we can send them to the convention.


    Confirmation Sunday is May 12th.  We have three confirmands.  The Board of Education will provide cake and punch during fellowship after services.  There will be card baskets for each confirmand on May 5th, and May 12th.

     VBS is tentatively scheduled for June 24-28.  We are looking for volunteers to help out with VBS.  Sierra Lutheran will not be joining us this year due to their own scheduled family programs.  If we can’t get enough volunteers, we may have to cancel VBS.  The children so enjoy VBS and it is an excellent way to teach them more about God’s Miraculous Mission for usPlease sign-up on the bulletin board by June 1st.  Please, contact Yulonda Boutte for information.

     Project Graduation baskets for Buena High School will be in the Friendship Hall on May 5th and 12th.  There will be one for a girl and one for a boy.  Suggested items for the baskets are Apartment/Dorm supplies, gift cards, or anything that could help a student in college.



    Hospitality committee, along with Evangelism committee, are hosting Quarterly Pot Lucks.  Looking for volunteers to join a committee to organized these pot-lucks.

     Home Bible Study at Ron Witt’s House - Tuesdays 10:00AM will resume on May 21st.

     Women’s Bible Study – Thursdays, at 10:00AM in the conference room.

     Men’s Bible Study - Thursdays, 6AM at Landmark Café.

     LifeLight Bible Study began a study of The Life of David on Thursday, March 21.  Classes meet at 4.00 PM and 6:30 PM in the conference room.  If you wish to join us, see Carol Bailey for study material.


    Please contact the office for Prayer Requests at  458-3883 or submit them online:

    Please keep in prayer those members of the congregation who are ill, shut-in, undergoing continuing medical treatment, and recovering from surgeries.

     OPEN SANCTUARY on Wednesdays 11AM To 1PM.  Come spend a minute or an hour in prayer and meditation, without distractions.  You may leave requests in the box in the hall so that others may pray with and for you. We need hosts for Open Sanctuary for one hour on any Wednesday. Please sign the sheet on the bulletin board in the hall.

     The Birthday Club will be meeting the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM.  They meet at Sierra Vista Mobile Home Village, 6128 Hwy 90 at the clubhouse next to the office.  All are invited and there is a $1.00 fee. We begin with refreshments celebrating birthdays of the month, followed by a game of Bunco. If you need info contact Laverne Campbell.

     The Choir is in desperate need of an accompanist.  The choir meets for an hour on Thursdays at 5:30 PM.  Please prayerfully consider playing with us. Any questions please contact Kathy Dinkel.

     Crafty Ladies will meet again on May 6th and 20th at 9:00AM to 3:00PM.  Come sew, knit, or crochet with us or stop by for a lunch visit and fellowship from 12-1.  We usually have around 12 ladies working all or part of the day as their schedules permit.  We ask for your prayers for God’s continued blessing on this ministry of love.  To Him be the Glory.  Hope to see you there, all are welcome.

     Widow and Widowers Luncheon The next luncheon will be on Thursday, May 16th. Please let Jim Peters or the church Secretary know if you are coming. We look forward to seeing you.

     If you would like to serve as an usher for one month, pick a month on the calendar in the hall and enter your name(s) or you can give your name to Ron Ligman.  He will contact you to arrange a schedule. All confirmed members can serve; Men, women, and young adults are welcome. Married couples may serve together. The ushers serve for all the services for one month, but if you can't make all of them, we can work around it. This is a great way to serve, and it is not too difficult.

     Greeters are needed

    If you would like to serve as a "Greeter" for one month, pick a month on the calendar in the hall and enter your name(s).  It is nice for two people to serve each Sunday. If you have to miss a Sunday, call someone to cover for you.  Greeters are fun for our own members and a great welcoming to our visitors.

     Elder's Corner 

     May Assistants:

    Aaron Urquhart, Matt Wilson,  Steve Whipple

     COMMUNION NOTE:  White grape juice is provided in the center of each tray of individual cups during communion for those who prefer a non-alcohol option.

     Lay Readers Needed -  If you would like to read the scriptures during service please sign up on the Bulletin Board.

     5/5       Board of Elders, 2 PM

    5/14     Board of Trustees, 6 PM

    5/14     Council, 7 PM

     The Evangelism Committee - Meets the 1st Monday of the month at 3:30 p.m. At our last meeting, we discussed our activities from March and activities going forward. We provide lunch at the Salvation Army facility on the last Tuesday of the quarter. We had lots of help from the congregation and fed over 100 people. The potluck on 3/17 went well. A suggestion has been made for the formation of a Fellowship Committee to coordinate potlucks going forward. We decided that we would continue with the Health, Wealth and Lifestyle Expo that occurs in March and no longer participate in the Business Expo in August. We are still planning on providing school supplies for children in July. We would like to re-start the gift card giveaway for Fry’s and Safeway cards. Our next meeting will be May 6, 2019 at 3:30 p.m.

     EVANGELISM SPONSORS A “CD MINISTRY” …that is, they record each Sunday’s worship service.  Traveling? Sick? Working on Sundays?  If you missed a Worship Service, you may pick up a recording and listen to it at your leisure. The CD Box is in the hallway credenza.  Help yourself.

    REMINDER:   The new driveway is a two-way thoroughfare.  Please be careful and courteous when transiting the driveway.  Remember it is two lanes, one coming in and one going out.

     If overflow parking is needed contact a trustee, elder, or the pastor.  Thank you for your cooperation!

     Emergency equipment near the main entrance to the church now includes a defibrillator and a more extensive first aid kit. Small first aid kits are still available in the kitchen for minor injuries.